Zhuoya brings you into his team and onto his shoots to teach you everything he knows about breathtaking wedding photography.

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This course is an opportunity to learn from a worldwide known professional wedding photographer – Ya Zhuo. Through 20 years of experience in wedding photography, he developed his own very emotional and painterly style recognized all over the globe. In his art, he values uniqueness and always wants to show new ideas. His works have been awarded many times in photography contests such as WPA, WPPI, AsiaWPA, NZIPP, One Eyeland and the Mastered.


This Class has a goal to inspire and promote individuality of each photographer.

Every course begins with a theory speech, which covers not only photographic issues or finding ideas and preparing for the shooting but also knowledge connected to client communication. You may also choose to have 1:1 mentorship on the third day of the workshop

Zhuoya will guide you through his post-processing from A to Z. It will give you chance to see and follow the complete workflow from Adobe Lightroom to Photoshop. This part will teach you conscious retouch from selection, basic adjustments to reaching the desired mood on your photo and exporting it with the right settings to publish in web or for printing. It will show you how to finish a photo and add a dreamy look to the photo.

At this workshop, you will learn how to maximize the potential of the scene and the abilities of your imagination and gear.


Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for professionals who want to bring their photography to a higher level as well as seeking inspiration or expanding their business profile in a new kind of photography.


This course is for you If you:

  • want to expand your knowledge about working with and understanding with your client
  • want to get inspired and find new ideas for your photography
  • want to make a photo shooting in special location and use it’s potential with great models that can do a lot of tricks useful for photography
  • want to develop your own unique style


What are you going to learn?

  • How to plan a wedding photography session from A to Z
  • How to prepare before the shooting
  • What camera settings are best for wedding photography
  • How to deal with clients and communicate with them before and during the session
  • How to choose right location and time of the day for the session
  • How to create good scene and then choose the right moment to take the shot during the shooting and how to select best of the best in post-production
  • How to make everything safe and enjoyable for everyone that take part in the session
  • How to post-process the photographs from efficient selection, through basic adjustments, creative retouch to creating desirable mood and export with best settings.

From online course you will get:

  • PDF with notes from the course
  • PSD File with edited image during the course

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