About Me My passion for photography came to light when I was 16 years old and began experimenting with the process of developing photos in a dark room. It was at that moment that I discovered my passion for encapsulating real life in the art of film, a passion which only continued to grow as I did.      Since that pivotal moment in my youth, I have been ardently working within the field. I began my professional career in photography in 2002. I then furthered my skill development by travel around the world and learn from the best in that respected country.    In 2016, I returned to New Zealand and established my art in Christchurch. My style has been described as emotional, whimsical and elegant. I adore painterly-feeling portraits, gorgeous rich tones and imagery that evokes deep emotions every time you look at your photos. Being true to my photography style, I focus on capturing the interactions and emotions between the bride and groom, family and friends; this is where the magic is!  To me, wedding photography is a special relationship between the photographer and the couple; connecting on an emotional level is key to capture meaningful moments and creating beautiful portraits.